Lua Player

Download LuaPlayer v0.20:

For 1.5 Firmware
For 1.0 Firmware

If you have problems with the module loading with 2.00+ loaders, try an older version, like 0.16. See the effect-module and the Game Of Life example how to write your own modules. If you have a PSP with 2.00 firmware, try this EBOOT.PBP Loader, with an older Lua Player included.

This is not an offical Sony development, but based on the homebrew PSPSDK.

For testing, try the Windows version of Lua Player, thanks to InsertWittyName from #pspdev on Freenode now with Freetype TTF and some more functions of the 0.20 version. Some sample applications are bundled for testing, but you'll need the package for 1.0 firmware all sample applications.

Source code of Lua Player itself (you don't need it to write and play Lua Player applications).


Lua Player is a lua script player for the Sony PSP. What this means, is that making your own games for PSP just got that much easier. If you're a regular, non-programming PSP user, take a look at all the games and software available from the galleries. Initially I started to develop the system to make it easier to write a snake game for the PSP:

Authors and Contact

Lua Player is an open source project. You can join in on the discussion of where Lua Player should go in the future, and ask for help, over at the Lua Player forum.

Lua Player is currently mainly maintained by Frank Buß (Shine) and Joachim Bengtsson (Nevyn).

Lua Player Links

Lua Player Gallery

Wiki with tutorial and function reference (if it is down, try this version)

#luaplayer IRC channel on Freenode

Support Lua Player with a donation

EuroOSCON session files

the presentation

notes for the presentation

the live demonstration project


3. July 2007, Frank Buß